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COCO-NARA 'CHOCO NUT' FLAVOR HOOKAH SHISHA TOBACCOHere it is, our first review of Coco-Nara's new shisha tobacco line!  And guess what?  This stuff is actually pretty darn good.

My first experience with Coco-Nara's shisha was completely random and, had I been paying more attention, I probably would have started somewhere else.  I'm not a big fan of chocolate or coconut so this review started out with a pretty big handicap.  To Coco-Nara's credit, the mix had one of those 'super additive effects.'  You know, when "the whole is greater than the sum of the parts" and all that.

Really, this was a totally enjoyable flavor and it strangely reminded me of Starbuzz's Arabian Coffee.    Being my first sample of this brand I was paying very close attention to heat tolerance (which was exceptional!), longevity (excellent), cloud volume and density (good, but not the best), and aroma-flavor correspondence (which was a little deceiving).  All in all, this shisha took natural coals like a champ, produced strong clouds, and had a flavor that more or less matched the aroma and went the distance like 2-testicled Lance Armstrong.

If you you're like me and are not a big fan of chocolate or coconut flavors don't rule this one out just yet.  Give it a try 'cause it might surprise you just like it did me.  --JP
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Sahara Smoke Arabic Hookah, Smoke Color
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Sahara Arabic Hookah
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