Starbuzz Exotic 'Honeyberry' Flavor Hookah Shisha Tobacco Review Day 330

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STARBUZZ EXOTIC 'HONEYBERRY' FLAVOR HOOKAH SHISHA TOBACCOHoneyberry is Starbuzz's 3rd bowl of porridge - just right!  This shisha really is one of the most relaxing flavors I've tried in a long time.  Honeyberry has just the right amount of warm sweet honey taste we all love and follows it up by tickling of your taste buds with an almost indistinguishable tartness.

Typical of Starbuzz the clouds were excellent, flavor was long lasting, and tobacco was very heat tolerant.  I think it would be hard for even the biggest hookah snob to fault this flavor.

Do you like honey in anything?  Do you like the taste of wonderful?  Do you like puppy kisses?  Then this shisha is for you!  Just make sure you're ready for a relaxing nap afterwards.  --JP
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Pipe Used
Sahara Flame 24" Hookah
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Bowl Used
Sahara Vortex
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Coals Used
Coco Mazaya [Natural].
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