Evolution Tea Shisha 'Lemonade' Flavor Hookah Shisha Non-Tobacco Review Day 327


To be completely honest to all of you I have never in my life tried tea shisha, so this was a new experience for me. When I opened the container I was very surprised by the smell; I wasn’t expecting such a spot on lemon scent, but there it was! The tea leaves looked rather gross to me, seeing as all I’ve ever smoked was tobacco, and these leaves were black in color. I was very nervous to try this new shisha, but I stuck it out and did so anyways.

I tried starting the hookah with one coal on top of the foil but I was having issues with getting it going.  I added another coal on top of the head and, rather than having it rested on the other coal, I had to set it completely separate in order to get the cloud of smoke I desired. Now that I was satisfied with the clouds I was getting I paid more attention to the flavor.

It tasted exactly like lemons; I was actually pretty surprised with the taste of the shisha. However; this brand takes some getting used to because it’s not your usual tobacco and the after taste is a little strange. On the bright side however the flavor was phenomenal, I just did not like the fact that it needed so much heat to get to the point where I enjoy it.

If you’re curious on the head buzz level, its tea leaves guys, you’re not going to receive a head buzz from any of this shisha. The heads burn out fairly quickly because of the amount of heat required, but while the taste lasts it’s great. If I had a choice on if I would smoke this I would honestly tell you "no", I didn’t care for it whatsoever, I guess I just prefer my tobacco based products. But for anyone who likes lemonade, it definitely tastes like they advertise and I recommend it for you. --Bree 'Tuhtle'

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