Evolution Tea Shisha 'Dragonfruit' Flavor Hookah Shisha Non-Tobacco Review | Day 342

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Evolution Tea Shisha's 'Dragon Fruit' Flavor aroma wasn’t quite bad, it smelled more along the lines of fruit - which I assume is a good thing since it is called dragon fruit. Now if you’ve never smoked tea shisha please note that it does take a fair amount of heat to start up. For example; I had to start my hookah off with 3 coals just to get a cloud worth mentioning. As far as the flavor goes, I detected a few hints of different fruit and some perfume taste. Chops took a few hits while I was reviewing - he knows what a dragon tastes like - and assured me that this tastes just like a dragon! I however don’t know if that is a good thing or not. 

I smoked my hookah for about an hour or so and by then it was pretty burnt and tasted like a dead dragon, if I had to picture what one tasted like. I really didn’t care for dragon fruit as a flavor and I didn’t enjoy the experience either: I doubt I'll be smoking this one again. 

This one is a tea shisha so there's little to no head buzz.  After my past few experiences with Evolution brand shisha I was hesitant to try this one but decided to give it shot. Ya win some, ya lose some I guess.   --Bree 'Tuhtle'

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Sahara Smoke Dome Amazon Hookah
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Sahara Dome Amazon
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