Nakhla 'Strawberry' Flavor Hookah Shisha Tobacco Review Day 301


Nakhla's Strawberry flavor isn't half bad but it isn't 'full good' either. I know Nakhla has a reputation for being one of the best brands in the world but I think that's because most people equate market share and corporate longevity as indicators of quality.  This isn't the case.  Just because Taylor Swift get's a lot of air time doesn't mean she's the best country singer. In fact it may mean just the opposite. It means she appeals to the most people possible by not being overly controversial, talented, or distinct.  And that's what Nakhla is: indistinct, affordable, indifferent and compromising.  In short, easy (<-- that might be a dig at Taylor, too.  I haven't decided yet.).

Nakhla's strawberry tastes like strawberry.  Not your grandmother's summer strawberries that she lovingly cared for as they matured on the shrub by her favorite swinging armchair.  The one that you both spent so much time on, sitting and talking, while growing up.  The strawberries who's sweet juicy pulp and mouth watering aroma you'll never forget.  Nope, this is just supermarket strawberry (not even a farmer's market): dry as a bone, easy to pack, hard to burn, smokes like sparkler - Nakhla strawberry.

This is a 'might as well smoke it 'cause I know it I won't hate it' flavor.  Mission accomplished Nakhla; well played.     --JP

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Strawberry's Flavour.


  • "This shisha really doesn't taste much like strawberry, it's pretty sweet but it has a weird after taste. It's not a bad shisha but it doesn't taste like strawberrys." customer review.
  •   "Its strawberry taste isn’t perfect, but it’s still pretty close. "  --hookahhowto review
  • The smell right out of the jar reminds you of fresh-cut strawberries. The taste of the shisha is the best part because it’s one of the most accurate strawberry flavors on the market. review


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