365 Days of Shisha | September, 2013 Menu

September's Daily Flavor Menu is here!  This month's lineup includes: Cloud 9 Tobacco, Starbuzz Exotic, the BRAND NEW STARBUZZ BOLD - RED LADY, Ayam Zaman, Evolution Tea Shisha, and a new Social Smoke flavor.

Sukit Hookah Daily Flavor Menu for August, 2013


Beginning July, 2012 we will be sampling dozens of brands and hundreds of flavors and letting customers smoke them at our Toledo, Ohio location.  The only catch is that we’re asking anyone who wants to sample these with us (whether they want to try it before they buy it or they just have an adventurous spirit) to please fill out our tiny, little, easy, fast, simple comment cards.  We'll take your ratings and add them to our database and use that info to generate the ratings and reviews here on our blog.  Yeah, you'll be real live blogger!

You can also rate these flavors once they've been published to the blog by simply clicking the star ratings embedded in the blog post (take a look at any review post and you'll see what I'm talking about).  It doesn't matter if you smoked the shisha here or elsewhere - we'd still LOVE to have your input on these brands and flavors!
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