Othmani 'Akkar Berry' Hookah Shisha Tobacco Review Day 272


Want to smoke a berry flavor but also want a big buzz? Well then look no further than Othmani's Akkar Berry. This is a big vibrant mix of berry flavors with a bigger buzz than nearly every other tobacco! Strawberry seems to take the drivers seat in this shisha, but there are little bits of blueberry and blackberry that peek out in the background.

This is a fairly dry tobacco, so coal rotation is key, but other than that, this is perfect for folks that are fans of getting a decent buzz out of their shisha. --Steve Think you have what it takes to be a blogger for Sukit?  Want to take advantage of great discounts and access to the newest brands and flavors of hookah tobacco?  Awesome!  Just shoot JP an email and let him know!  Click here to email JP.

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Hookah Used:  Sahara Dicro 24" Hookah (white)
Bowl Used: Sahara Vortex
Coal(s) Used: Coco Mazaya [Natural]
Ice Present: Yes
Diffuser Present: Yes


Pure bright berry flavor, complimented with a light tobacco under note. If you're looking for something that tastes like candy, go buy some Skittles. If you are looking for sweeter strong mixed berry hookah tobacco, than you will be most pleased with this flavor. 


  • "One of the most refreshing flavors, we can see it accompanied greatly with a vanilla or another sweet berry like Social Smoke’s Berry Punch.  Othamni’s Akkar Berry is unwashed and presents a full bodied flavor that packs a buzz similar to Tangiers."  --Hookah402.com
  • "The cuts are brown, chopped thin, and not too juicy. Smells like berries but like cough medicine. The taste berry delicious! Strong strawberry and raspberry with hints of cherries and other berries. Very pleasant smoke. I just wished it lasted longer and the flavor was stronger. I mean, come on, the flavor is great but giving it more presence would make the shisha even better :3 The buzz was surprisingly weak this time around with Othmani. The clouds are thick as always. Overall, 7 out of 10. Would recommend!" -HookahPro.com


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