Shisha Review Day 258: Fumo™ Shisha Stones - Black Grape - Hookah Non Tobacco

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Let me preface this review with this statement: I hate grape flavored shisha, every last one I've ever tried.  Frankly, I was dreading smoking Fumo's Black Grape flavored Shisha Stones; it's bad enough I'm smoking a grape flavor but steam stones to boot?  Ugh, this is gonna be terrible - I thought.

To my surprise Fumo has done something with steam stones (questionable in my book already) that no other shisha manufacturer has been able to accomplish - they've made a DELICIOUS grape flavor!  I wasn't so sure about this as I prepared my bowl, the odor was like any other grape flavor to me, feet.  Once I threw my coals on and started smoking though the flavor reached out and slapped me with a kick-butt grape cool aid taste.

The clouds were phenomenal with huge plumes perfect for smoke rings.  I'll admit, I was smoking out of Fumo's Orb hookah (seemed only right) and using three of the coco-mazaya coals so my clouds might be a little better than if I'd smoked a more standard setup.  This brings up an interesting point too - Fumo's Shisha Stones are incredibly heat tolerant and you can just stack on the coals to make the clouds as thick as you like!  I put a lot of heat on these things and all I got was more flavor, more cloud, and no burn.  The extra heat didn't seem to shorten the bowl's lifetime either and I managed to get a solid hour of smoking out of this before it started to die down.  I think if I'd been more conservative this would have been a solid 2 hour smoke.

If it wasn't enough to present me with a hookah with long life, great flavor, better clouds, no nicotine or other combustion byproducts, Fumo had one more treat for me with this product - cleanup.  I don't think I've ever had such an easy time cleaning my bowl and hookah as I did after smoking these stones.  The bowl was darn near spotless and I just dumped the stones back in the original jar to 'recharge' them and the vase didn't have a spec of tobacco or discoloring from molasses overflowing.  These stones rock!  --JP

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Hookah Used:  Fumo Orb Hookah
Bowl Used: Fumo Vortex
Coal(s) Used: Coco Mazaya [Natural]
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