Hydro Herbal 'Qing Rubus' Hookah Shisha Non-Tobacco Review Day 255


Well, I'm glad that we're nearly through with Hydro Herbal's Pseudo Shisha because smoking their products, while one or two have been decent, the majority of them has set up an expectation for me that is a kin to visiting a family member's gravestone in a cemetery. I know that it's going to bum me out but I have to do it anyways because I'm a good person and I know that none of my other family members (hookah bloggers) will do it.

That being said, let's make another trip to the graveyard.

The nice thing about hydro herbal's products is that in addition to telling the customers what flavor the product is supposed to taste like, they also give it a random name so that they can make the excuse when a customer is unhappy that it tastes nothing like that fruit, that 'It's not (insert fruit name), it's (insert random goofy name)!'

This has barely any flavor to it, true to form, and whatever that flavor is supposed to be, it's not and doesn't last long enough for anyone to be happy if they spent a dime on it.

I feel like I could (and should) copy and paste this review for every hydro herbal flavor that I have to smoke because no one else wants to, but ...*sigh*... I'm a good person. --Steve

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