Users Can Submit Their Own Reviews to Our Blog!


Worse, what if the person making the review is an uber-douche more interested in playing cheesy intro videos, giving shout-outs to his/her friends, saying his/her own name repeatedly, and expresses more with his/her hands than their words?  We know the feeling!

So, instead of spending hours reading what few reviews are out there - deciding which ones are produced by fools, which are blatant sales pitches, which are ego-boosting video montages, and which ones might actually be worth their salt - we've decided to give our readers the ability to add there numerical qualitative reviews to our posts thus increasing the probability of 'accuracy.' 

We already ask our lounge customers to fill out rating cards which we then add to our blog but now we're opening the blog post/review open to any and all readers to not just read but also contribute!  Yep, if you've had the good fortune to smoke one of the flavors you're reading here then you can add your opinion directly to our database and watch the dynamically created scores and ranks change instantly (well, you'll have to refresh the page first).


If you read this blog and possibly even make purchasing/smoking decisions based on what you find then you know the value of our content.  The quality comes form the numerous contributors who give honest, genuine, and fair reviews of everything you find here.  Probably the only way we could improve the quality of the reviews is if we could find a way to include more ratings from more diverse smokers.  Hmm, I think we may be on to something here!


Please remember to stop back by the reviews you check out and submit your own thoughts after you try the products out yourself.  You can also leave comments at the bottom of the post and there's a good chance we'll pull those out and put them right in the review itself under the "Other Reviews" section.  


As the data accumulates you'll see the stats bars change and create rankings for each shisha product that compares it to other flavors within the brand (such as starbuzz), against similar flavors (like 'orange'), and against the entire review database.  This way you can quickly locate the best brands and flavors based on nearly any quality or category that we rate them on.  Don't care about longevity so long as it tastes great and makes thick clouds (or vice versa)?  No problem, you can sort/filter the reviews right here in our blog!

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We sincerely hope you take advantage of this and help us build the first truly high-quality and user-friendly hookah shisha tobacco review site.  Thanks in advance....

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