Shisha Review Day 189: Fantasia - Million Dollar Flavor - Hookah Tobacco

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Well, Fantasia's famed "Million Dollar Flavor" is today's flavor... Well after smoking it, I'm not sure it's worth more than a couple of bucks. Hookah-Shisha's sales pitch of a review described it as tasting like a cherry Dr.Pepper kind of flavor.

While I taste something that vaguely resembled that, I couldn't put a finger on it until I read that review, so I feel like it's a fail in that regard. Call me closed minded if you want, but I feel like a good shisha should be bold in it's flavor and clearly come forward to show me what it's all about. If I don't find a good impression of the flavor, I won't be impressed.

So that being said, I don't find this to be a terrible shisha, but it definitely didn't impress me. -Steve

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Brand:  {product.brand}
Hookah Used:  Sahara Dragon 24" Hookah
Bowl Used: Sahara Vortex
Coal(s) Used: Coco Mazaya [Natural]
Ice Present: Yes
Diffuser Present: Yes

Manufacturer's Description

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Other Reviews

  • "Fantasia $1,ooo,ooo Dollar Flavor (a.k.a. The Million Dollar Flavor) smells a lot like a cherry Dr. Pepper, but I’m pretty sure there’s more to this flavor than what meets the olfactory senses. There seems to be an underlying ingredient toying with us beneath the cherries. When I smoked Million Dollar Flavor I got a sweet cherry Dr. Pepper sundae vibe. You may even think it tastes like cake! I’ve even heard people compare Fantasia Million Dollar Flavor to a cherry bubble gum or gummy bear, and that opinion is hard to argue with. It’s unique. It’s Fantasia quality smoke and flavor and you won’t be disappointed. This one may be hard to mix with, but I’m sure a few of you out there will find something that goes great with it." (if you feel like you walked onto a used car lot after reading that review, you're not alone.)
  • "Positives:Interesting, dark, creamy flavor. Negatives:Can't quite describe the flavor."
  • "Great smoke, still trying to put my finger on it, but it essentially tastes like Mike & Ikes! Great smoke, not too sweet, and great thick smoke even out of an egyptian bowl! Loses flavor around 30 minute mark in an egyptian, loses flavor around the hour mark in a Small Funnel bowl" Customer Review

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