"Danny Feed" | Your Opinion Matters

Hey Friends, We'd Like Your Help.

This is Danny.

Danny is a hookah barista here at Sukit Hookah.

He's a hard worker who's as faithful as a Labrador Retriever, but like a Labrador Retriever, sometimes he needs a little extra direction. It's not his fault, genetics granted him a friendly disposition and a shiny coat of fur, but left a few other chromosomes go by the way side to compensate.

The problem is that this fun loving pup occasionally misses a thing or two when it comes to the many demanding tasks that his job requires of him - one of which is visiting each customer frequently to make sure their smoking experience is more than adequate. his reasoning is logical: we (and especially Danny) make phenomenal hookahs that don't typically need our constant attention.  But what about those rare (and inevitable) occasions when something goes awry? 

What we need from you is your opinion. We here at Sukit Hookah love Danny and want to find ways to help motivate him visit to customers more.  One of the ideas that we've been considering is installing a coin-operated machine filled with "Danny Feed."

This machine would be available for customers to insert a quarter, turn a mechanical knob, and get a handful of treats that Danny enjoys - such as Reese's Pieces, Fruity Pebbles, or Duck Feed.  You can then use these to give him a little extra incentive to visit your table.

Imagine the service that you would get if Danny had just a little more drive to visit you. We could probably get him to do a trick too in exchange for your quarter. Much like monkeys at an exotic zoo, it would be pretty cute to catch a photo of Danny waving or scratching his belly. Maybe, with enough work, he could even teach him to put his hands together and make it look like he's begging for his treat.

We believe that this could be a really positive enhancement to the environment here at Sukit Hookah, but only if you, our wonderful customers, agree with us.

Please put your input in the poll below, we'd love to hear from you.    ---Steve