Shisha Review Day 109: Fantasia - Cuban Mojito - Hookah Tobacco

Our Comments

This is a real strong flavor. Fantasia's Cuban Mojito isn't really the best mojito flavored shisha on the market in my opinion because the mint flavor is almost negligible. I feel like, while this kind of blend may pass for the cheap bar syrup mojito mixers, a decent mojito has a clear and upfront mint impression.

My opinion is that if you love strong lime impressions, you may enjoy smoking this shisha, but if you're looking for a good mojito flavor, try something else. -Steve

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Hookah Used: Sahara Taboo 24" Hookah
Bowl Used:Sahara Vortex
Coal(s) Used:Coco Mazaya [Natural]
Ice Present:Yes
Diffuser Present:Yes

Manufacturer's Description

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Other Reviews

  • "With this flavour , it had a very zingy taste to it. When inhaling you get a lemon , lime mix , and on exhale you get a more of a cooling sensation . Big puffy clouds that had great trick potential."
  • "Overall the Fantasia Cuban Mojito shisha flavor was a great mix of sweet and tangy, but did not provide the thick clouds we love."

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In Store @ Sukit Hookah or online at Shop Sukit.

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