Shisha Review Day 28: Al Fakher - Gum Mastic - Hookah Tobacco

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Hookah Used: Sahara Candy Stripe 30"
Bowl Used:Sahara Vortex
Coal(s) Used:Coco Mazaya [Natural]
Ice Present:Yes
Diffuser Present:Yes

Our Comments

Gum Mastic is a flavor that may not be known to many people from the states, but it is a big part of the Mediterranean culture. It's a resin that comes from Mastic trees and is used in a wide variety of foods and medicine. The natural flavor of the resin comes out as a slightly pine and cedar taste. With that, if you're not a  fan of herbal flavors, you might not enjoy this flavor.

Al Fakher has always had a mixed history with me. There are a lot of bad products from them in my mind, but at the same time, every now and then, they have an awesome flavor like their watermelon or the eskandarani apple. That being said, this flavor doesn't exactly appeal to me, but everything that I know about the taste of natural Gum Mastic rings true with this shisha. If you like things with Gum Mastic as a major ingredient, you're bound to love this flavor.

The texture is pretty good, as is the cloud, and the longevity is solid. So I definitely recommend this to you if you like Gum Mastic or enjoy herbal tastes. -Steve

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  • "Tried some today, not a fan. Tastes like pine trees. And it's very strong." Forum User

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