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Fumo Design Hookahs

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Every day for a year, Sukit Hookah will sample a new flavor...


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Sukit Hookah Has the Best Deals!

As if we weren't already one of the best values in our industry, we now have numerous discounts and specials to reward our loyal customers!  Sukit Hookah has a philosophy of superior quality, unparalleled cleanliness, and best-in-class customer service - all at the BEST PRICE AROUND.  To reward our many loyal customers we're we also offer these money saving specials and discounts.  

Hookah Happy Hour

Ice in your hookah base and natural coals are free from 5PM to 8PM


tell your friends on Facebook or Foursquare that you're in one of our locations and we'll give you your choice of ice, juice, or an extra hose for free.

Loyalty Card

Try any 9 flavors and get the 10th for free.  We also double up on rewards points for daily or monthly flavors so be sure to ask about those.


stop in on your birthday and we'll knock 50% off your hookah.

Daily Deals

something new every day.  Check our online store at http://shop.sukithookahs.com/ to see what's going on today


Don't forget our 365 Days of Shisha going on now through July, 2013!

365 Days of Shisha Begins!

Sukit Hookah Really Does Have the Largest Selection of Flavors ANYWHERE!

At Sukit Hookah we're always trying to find ways to keep it interesting - that's why we have live music, comedy or other entertainment every single week - totally free of charge.

We've been doing a Flavor of the Month campaign for a while now to encourage customers to venture out of their comfort zone and try new flavors of shisha tobacco once in a while. We give them double points on their Rewards Cards for participating but that’s really just a bonus because most of our customers love trying new flavors.

 Then we got this bright idea to do something a little more extreme: open a new brand and flavor every single day for the next year. Yeah, crazy. So here it is, Sukit Hookah is officially announcing their 365 Days of Shisha beginning July, 2012 and ending June 2013. We will be sampling dozens of brands and hundreds of flavors and letting customers smoke them at our Toledo, Ohio location.

 The only catch is that we’re asking anyone who participate must help us with our rating and review process so we can blog about it and help other hookah lovers make good decisions. So stop in, try something new, and contribute to our blog!

We now also post a monthly schedule of flavors online and in our menus at the shop so you can take a peek at upcoming and current selections.

Answer - Why Put Ice in My Hookah? [COMING SOON]

coming soon...


Profile: Social Smoke

Social Smoke 

is a manufacturing and distribution company of hookah pipes, shisha tobacco, and accessories based out of Dallas, TX.  Starting in 2002, Social Smoke quickly rose to be one of the largest and fastest growing brand names in their industry. Social Smoke sells its products world wide and their rapid growth earned them #422 in the 2008 INC 500. Social Smoke Tobacco, the result of 5 years of R&D, was formally released February 19, 2010 and has grown to over 68 flavors available in 4 sizes since.

Social Smoke is run by the Nadimi Family. Abrahim (Abe) Nadimi and his father Dr. Sayyid Nadimi, both engineers by trade, have pursued growth with a zealous vigor.  Abe, Social Smoke's Director of Sales, is one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet.  We had a chance to sit down with him a few weeks ago and we were wholly impressed with his professional and polite demeanor.  Here's a guy who will take as much time out of his day as you need to talk hookah, Social Smoke, your company, or whatever.  Abe goes so far as to list his personal cell phone on their facebook info page and others and makes himself available.

Dr. Sayyid Nadimi, the company's CEO, is fluent in Chinese and spends much of his time in that country sourcing the highest quality and most reliable manufacturers for their non-domestic products while simultaneously managing their domestic manufacturing and supply partners here in the U.S. His technical knowledge, experience in manufacturing and production, skill with logistics and supply chain management and others make him a powerhouse among corporate officers.

Their fun and easy to navigate website was built and is maintained by Abe's brother Ali Nadimi (Operations and IT) while their mother (Iman Encisco) manages the corporate offices. Abe's other brother Mohammad is Social Smoke's Director of Tobacco R&D and Production and their sister, Fatimeh Nadimi, artfully designs and photographs their products for the website, marketing material, labels, and even internal documentation.  

Their highly technical knowledge, strong belief in education, family-affair passion, and longevity in the industry have coalesced into one of the leading hookah, and related products, manufacturing and supply companies in the nation. It's what allows them to make such quality products ranging from shisha to accessories, hose, and even entire hookah pipes at such affordable prices.  No matter what you're getting from this company you can rest assured that it is of high quality and backed by Social Smoke's guarantee.

This is a company that anyone can be proud to have a relationship with and purchase from.  Give them a call and see what they can do for your company, hookah bar, or just your private hookah collection.

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Where to Find Social Smoke

lots and lots of hookah bars

PO Box 121002
Arlington, TX 76012

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