Sukit Hookah's New Website is Almost Complete!

Those of you who follow our facebook or visit us online already know: our website has been undergoing major construction!  

The Sukit Hookah team (along with representatives from American Hookah) has spent the last few months collaborating, both creatively and technically, with undergraduate students, engineers, professors and others from the University of Toledo community. This joint effort has been time-consuming, but worth the effort, because the final product is a website that combines all the information and functions of a normal business site with a world class e-commerce site, as well as with the personal touches that bring our social nature from the shop to the internet.  We accomplished this by enlisting the services of American Hookah’s SmokeStream technology. It was the perfect solution!

Why? In addition to e-commerce, which many sites offer, SmokeStream supports American Hookah’s warehousing and distribution. And because Sukit gets its inventory from American Hookah, we also benefit from this great technology. It allows us to offer high quality products at some of the cheapest prices around. It also powers advanced features on the Sukit Hookah site, like daily deals and customer account management.

So we’re putting out a call to action:  come visit our new site at www.sukithookahs.comYou can check the calendar for upcoming events, see feeds from our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages on the right hand slider, browse pictures, learn about hookah, and buy a wide variety of products. And if you promise to tell your friends about us, we’ll promise to tell our friends about you!