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Diabetes Can Sukit!

Fundraiser Event to Support SDA

On Thursday,November 17th, 2011 the Alpha Kappa Psi Business Fraternity pledge class will be holding fund raiser to benefit the UT Students for Diabetes philanthropy.  From 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM Kathryn Finger and Christina Haddad will be volunteering their time at Sukit Hookah as Guest Baristas.  Every dollar in tips they collect as well as 10% of gross sales will be donated to UT Students for Diabetes Awareness

Alpha Kappa Psi will also be having local musicians and comedians perform the entire time so come out and enjoy some of the best live local and free entertainment in Toledo! 

Why diabetes?    

  • 18.8 million people in the US have are diagnosed with diabetes.  
  • An estimated 7.0 million people remain undiagnosed.   
  • 1.9 million poeple under the age of 20 were diagnosed in 2010 alone.   
  • Diabetes was the underlying cause in over 71,000 deaths and a contributing factor in another 160,000+ deaths in 2007.   
  • Diabetes has one of the longest lists of complications including heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, blindnes, kidney disease, neuropathy, amputation, and more.

What can you do to help? 

  • Come to Sukit Hookah  on Thursday, November 17th, 2011 from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM, buy a hookah, and leave a tip.
  • If you don't smoke you can just stop by and drop off a few dollars to help support the cause.  
  • Spread the word about this fund raiser and click the Facebook [Like] button at the top or leave a comment at the bottom (will post to your wall). RSVP to the Facebook event  so your Facebook friends and family know you're coming. 

Want to Hold Your Own Fund Raiser?

Have a charity or cause you love to support?  Want a little help from us?  Just go to Sukit Hookah's Facebook page and click on the Fund Raiser Inquiry Tab. Fill out the short app and you'll receive an email explaining everything you need to know.

Menu Review: Starbuzz Pirate's Cave Tobacco

Overall Score: 5.00-  

Brand & Flavor Shisha  
Brand: Starbuzz
Flavor: Pirate's Cave
Hookah Used:  Sahara Anubis 25" Hookah
Bowl Used: Sahara Vortex
Coal(s) Used: Coco Mazaya
Ice Present: Yes
Diffuser Present: Yes

Qualitative Review  


Manufacturer's Description


Our Comments

Skittles...that's it. Really, it's the common conception around here. This is the flavor of a mouthful of skittles. I can't really say anything else. This is a solid blend of all of the flavors that you'd expect from that description. Wanna smoke the rainbow? Then get yourself some of this great shisha! -Steve

Other Reviews

  • "This one was very exciting because the flavor was very unexpected - To me it smells and tastes like mountain dew baja blast - I love it, very different from any of the other flavors I have tried and I personally would buy this one again - The smoke this creates is a moderately dense smoke but smooth and flavorful - It is definitely on the top sellers for startbuzz for a good reason" -HookahCompany.com Customer Review
  • "Lime based blend of citrus fruits with a slight cream note" -HookahRev.com
  • "This is a very good flavour for people who have tried and liked Starbuzz Margarita, as have I. Almost anyone can enjoy it because it is sweet, but not too sweet and tangy, but not too tangy. This can definitely be a daily smoker for some and is well worth the $10 for 100g just to try it out." -HookahReport.com

Where to Buy

In Store @ Sukit Hookah or online at Shop Sukit.